Coffee shop products

Chocolate bars

Ref. F-111

1 kg bag, three diiferent flavours within the same package, pure chocolate, White chocolate and milk chocolate, perfect to drink with coffee or just after finishing your lunch. Sweet things never made anyone feel bitter!!

Coffee shop products

First brands coffee shop products, Nescafé, Cola Cao, Hornimans.

Ref. H-001
Coffee 1 KG.
Ref. H-002
Descafeinated 1 KG.
Ref. H-003
Tea C/100 envelopes
Ref. H-004
MANZANILLA C/l00 envelopes
Ref. H-005
POLEO C/l00 envelopes
Ref. H-006
TILA C/100 envelopes
Ref. H-007
Packed sugar C/l000 envelopes
Ref. H-008
COLA-CAO P/50 envelopes
Ref. H-009
Descafeinated C/100 envelopes
Ref. H-010
Saccharine basket