Ref. C-006

Format RO-1000. Delightful and second to none taste.


Ref. C-050

Format RO-1000. 100/120 pieces in clear oil and hardened fish


Ref. C-051

Format RO-1000. Clean red vegetal oil, selected anchovys for the perfect starter.
Better Keep at 5º & 12º C


Ref. C-052

Format RO-1000. Vegetal oil. The best small anchovy loin and exquisite taste, soft and boneless. Better keep at 5º & 12º C

Brine Mussels

Ref. C-055
Ref. C-056

Format RO-1000. Three different sizes. Red and soft. They never lose colour

Southern Mackerel

Ref. C-057

Format RO-1000. Fillets from Huelva. Wonderful taste

Bonito Chunks

Ref. C-058

Format RO-1000. White and delicious

Tuna Cubes

Ref. C-059

Brined tuna chunks 3 kg. Premium quality

Octopus Galician Style

Ref. C-060

Format RO-1000. chunky

Piquillo Strips

Ref. C-061

Stripped crunchy piquillo pepper and specials

Pickles Stuffed with Anchovy

Ref. C-062

Format RO-1000. Delightful pickle stuffed with anchovy dough


Ref. C-063

Chopped hearts, tender and combined. Ideal for menu or apetizer with anchovy. Delightful

Piquillo Pepper

Ref. C-064

Perfect size and colour (ideal to stuff)

Red pepper

Ref. C-065

Big, red, hardened

Green beans

Ref. C-066

Plain threadless anchovy

Laminated Mushroom

Ref. C-067

White (Full). Soft ideal to accompany as garnish or as first menu course

Eggplant Chunks

Ref. C-068

1,500Format. Delightful Almagro's eggplant, cleaned and chopped, ready o eat


Ref. C-069

Perfect size and hardness


Ref. C-071

750 gr Format. Preserved in White vinegar and hardened, treated against Anisakis

Horse Mackarel

Ref. C-072

Brined. 2,500 kg Format

Northern Bonito

Ref. C-73 olive oil
Ref. C-074 brined

Olive oil. Brined bonito. 3 kg Format. The perfect combination