Aceitunas Corralejo

About us

Aceitunas Corralejo was born from a dream which nowadays is a model to alimentation and catering companies, thanks to the quality of our products and the technological develops which have been introduced during the years.

Our manufacturing process is completely crafted.

We are always aiming to keep growing and innovating in order to increase the market beyond our borders.

Unique flavour since 1988.


Our first facilities since 1988.

New facilities equipped with the latest technologies in production machinery and industrial freezing.

Part of the olive production, which will be packed during the harvest season, is stored in these basins.

We transport our products with the fastest and best conditions for our customers.

Crafted Elaboration

All our products are craft elaborated.

Elaboration Proccess

1. Once the olives are classified, we store them in brine.

2. After washing the olives we introduce them in the hopper where the smashing process takes place.

3. Next we get the product ready for its elaboration.

4. To conclude we add the spices to complete the process and present our product with the best taste.




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Aceitunas Corralejo

Calle San Antonio,98
Almacen: Calle Abedul,6 45600 Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) Spain
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