Olives and Pickles

Mixed olives

Ref. A-001

Manzanilla olive, cucumbers 300/400 and White onions, anchovy flavoured.

Manzanilla Green Olive

Ref. A-002

The best olive from Seville. Thin flesh and small bone. Size 200/220 and 140/160. Carefully classified, chosen and checked in order to taste the best at your table

Manzanilla Green Olive with anchovy

Ref. A-003

Same characteristics as the previous reference and sweeter and softer exquisite taste

Boneless Olive

Ref. A-004

Boneless Size 200/220

Boneless Gordal Olive

Ref. A-005

Boneless Anchovy flavoured. Size 60/80. All olive’s envy

Gordal Olive (Queen)

Ref. A-006

Anchovy flavoured. Size 60/80

Smashed Jaen Olive

Ref. A-007

Smashed in our facilities. Seasoned with garlic, thyme, oregano and red pepper. Size 200/220. Little bitter

Machacamoya Olive

Ref. A-008

Smashed in our facilities. Seasoned with red peeper, paprika and cayenne red pepper. Soft flavour. Size 180/200

Gazpacha Olive

Ref. A-009

Same ingredientes as Machacamoya adding vegetables, prime pickles, pickled onions, carrots and culiflower. The most colourful olive

Malagueña Olive

Ref. A-0010

Harvested at Malaga fields. Smashed and seasoned at our facilities. Round olive perfectly boned. Natural flavour. Size 180/200

Ripped Olive

Ref. A-0011

Granny’s olive preserved renewing the wáter and well seasoned with plenty of garlic,thyme, oregano and fennel. Strong natural flavour. Size 140/180

Obregón Olive

Ref. A-0012

The queen of the smashed, perfect starter with a good wine, beer or vermouth, for exquisite tastes. Smashed and seasoned in our facilities. Size 70/80

Cacereña Olive

Ref. A-013

Camporeal kind. Stored in our best freezers in order to achieve the best preservation, so it arrives your home with premium freshness, colour and shine. Thanks to its Price are the best sold. Seasoned and packed the day before distribution. Size 160/240

Gordal Olive Cacereña kind

Ref. A-014

Camporeal kind. Same characteristics as cacereña, but with better appearing. Size 60/140

Black Olive

Ref. A-015 200/220
Ref. A-016 200/220 Boneless
Ref. A-017 140/160

5 kg can (net weight). Three different sizes to choose between them Natural black, ¡Undyed! Size 200/220, 140/160 and 200/220 boneless.

Anchovy Flavoured Olive

Ref. A-018 200/220
Ref. A-019 140/160

5 kg can. Two different sizes with the strengthen anchovy flavour. Size 200/220 and 140/160

Gordal with pickles

Ref. A-020

Self manufacturing one by one, extrictly classified with care and the best boneless Gordan and pickles. Anchovy flavoured. It is a pleasure to eat them


Ref. A-021

Self manufacturing with perfect flavour and softness which is what this product requires. Ingredientes (pickles, onions, cayenne red pepper, boneless olive and red pepper) Premium quality. Try them!

Almagro’s Eggplants

Ref. A-022 20/25
Ref. A-023 35/40
Ref. A-024 80/90

5kg can format. Three different sizes to fill your cabinets, classified and chosen among the best. Size 20/25, 35/40 and 80/90

Stuffed Almagro’s eggplants

Ref. A-25 20/25
Ref. A-026 30/35

Two sizes, médium and large. Perfect maturity and hardness. Size 20/25 and 30/35

Boneless with pickles

Ref. A-027

The best boneless olive stuffed with Premium pickles and anchovy flavoured


Ref. A-028

Product from andalusia. Best size, colour and flavour

White pickles onions

Ref. A-029

Size 18/21. Perfect vinegar gradation to soften your taste

Pickles Cayenne pepper

Ref. A-030

The best with legumes


Ref. A-31 200/300
Ref. A-032 140/160
Ref. A-033 30/40
Ref. A-034 10/20

Crunchy anchovy flavoured. The best of La Rioja 200/300, 140/160, 30/40 and 10/20

Stuffed Pickles

Ref. A-035 with anchovy
Ref. A-036 with bluefish

Made of anchovy or bluefish with red pepper. Self made


Ref. A-037 with anchovy
Ref. A-038 with bluefish

Exquisite anchovy or bluefish brochette. ¡Try it! Self made

Stuffed Olive

Ref. A-039 5kg
Ref. A-040 120gr

Stuffed with anchovy. 5kg format: Size 200/220 2,100 kg net weight and 120 gr format: Ration can. The best olive to accompany the bluefish


Ref. A-041

5 kg format. To dress your table.