Dried Fruits and Nuts


Ref. F-100

1 kg Format. Precise roast, large achieve a delightful taste


Ref. F-101

1 kg Format. Big and opened


Ref. F-102

1 kg Format. From Virginia, peeled, natural roasted and salted

Large pecks

Ref. F-103

1 kg Format. Large roasted corn soft and crunchy

Raw almond

Ref. F-104

1 kg. Formato To fry in your pan

Raw groundnuts

Ref. F-105

1 kg Format. To fry in your pan


Ref. F-106

1 kg Format. Almonds, pecks, groundnuts, hazelnut and jelly beans. EVERYTHING PEELED

Sunflower seeds

Ref. F-107

5 kg Format. There are other fomats avaiable! Recently roasted and perfectly salted


Ref. F-108

5 kg Formato. There are other fomats avaiable! Large roasted perfectly salted


Ref. F-109

2 kg Format. Box with interior bag. Large, full, recent and natural (we are second to none in potato chips)

jelly beans

Ref. F-110

1 kg Format. Colourful tears (there are avaiable other products under request: bottle shaped jelly beans, little strawberrys, liquorice, kisses, apples, sharks, etc.)


Ref. F-112

1 kg Format. Home made